CJ 222 : Search And Seizure

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Search And Seizure



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Study of procedural aspects of criminal law, i.e., how criminal law is enforced and administered by agents of the criminal justice system. Emphasis on examining the law of arrest, searches and seizures, and interrogation of suspects.

Course learning outcomes

1. Students will exhibit knowledge of the philosophy of constitutional criminal procedures.
2. Students will demonstrate the ability to apply probable cause as they relate to search and seizure of evidence.
3. Students will examine in-depth the 4th amendment and the Landmark US Supreme Court Decisions as they apply to this amendment.
4. Students will analyze US Supreme Court decisions as they affect the daily activities of the police.
5. Students will exhibit knowledge of searches, seizures, arrests and interrogations within the framework of the Bill of Rights.
6. Students will explore the Miranda rulings and apply them to confessions and admissions for the purpose of criminal evidence.

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  • Social Science

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