CJ 243 : Drugs and Crime in Society

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Drugs and Crime in Society



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Introduction to problems of substance abuse, including alcohol, in our society. Equips criminal justice, social service and other human service workers with increased awareness of today's drug technology and options for dealing with substance abusers.

Course learning outcomes

1. Explore basic pharmacology and various ways of defining, classifying, and organizing types of drugs.
2. Understand different types of drug dependence and their prevention and treatment.
3. Demonstrate an understanding of how media and public reactions to drug use influence criminal justice policy.
4. Understand methods by which drug use statistics are collected and used to develop public policy.
5. Explore varies sociological theories that explain drug use.
6. Develop an understanding of drug use “fallout” including how it affects social functioning, families, children and communities.
7. Understand the history and development of the United States war on drugs and how other nations have addressed the issue of drug use.
8. Become familiar with basic drug awareness techniques and evaluations.

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  • Social Science

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