COMM 242 : Introduction to Audio Broadcasting and Podcasting

Transcript title

Intro Broadcast-Podcast



Grading mode

Standard letter grades

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Lecture hours


Course Description

Covers audio production and delivery techniques for broadcast or podcast through the creation of original PSAs and news-stories.

Course learning outcomes

1. Develop speaking technique via microphone and audio recording feedback, including pace, vocal variation, and articulation.
2. Describe the path taken by an audio signal in various applications, such as radio broadcasting or internet podcasting.
3. Demonstrate problem solving skills that incorporate both the technical and creative aspects of the process of creating audio content for use in broadcast radio or audio production, such as PSAs and news-stories.
4. Practice safe procedures in the use of technical audio production equipment and computer hardware and software.
5. Apply legal concepts and ethical values to specific to communication issues that arise for creators and distributors of audio content.

Content outline

  1. Audio recording
    1. Microphone Types
    2. Recording Settings
    3. Remote Recording
    4. Studio Recording
    5. Interviews
    6. Actualities
  2. Audio Editing
    1. Analogue—Magnetic Media
    2. Digital—Audio Software
    3. Programming
    4. Hot Clock
    5. Broadcasting vs. Streaming/Podcasting
  3. Story-Telling
    1. Origins of Narrative Attraction
    2. Arrangement
    3. Audience Reminders/Ground
    4. Teasers/Foreshadowing
    5. Hot Tape
    6. Model Programming: e.g.: NPR, RadioLab
  4. Reviewing
    1. Air Checks
    2. Self and Peer Evaluation
    3. Ratings—Neo Aristotelian Evaluation

Required materials

Textbook, pens, paper.

Outside of

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