COMM 250 : Listening

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Course Description

Introduces practical skills in listening to increase understanding and to help others.

Course learning outcomes

1. Identify, explain and employ the sequential steps of the listening process.
2. Demonstrate effective listening for diverse listening goals, adapting listening behaviors to reduce conflict and misunderstandings with others.
3. Manage and retain information by using a variety of memory skills, including mnemonics, repetition and note-taking.
4. Improve understanding of complex messages through paraphrasing, reflection, reframing, and authentic questions.

Content outline

I. Listening--defined II. Process of Listening A. Hearing B. Selecting C. Interpreting D. Responding E. Remembering III. Listening Goals A. Information B. Pleasure C. Interpersonal IV. Obstacles to Listening A. External B. Internal V. Types of Pseudo-Listening

Required materials

Textbooks, paper, pencils.

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