COMM 251 : Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional Intelligence



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Course Description

Explores the biological roots of emotion and introduces the skills needed for the appropriate management and sharing of their feelings. This one-credit course is currently available on request.

Course learning outcomes

1. Define and describe the models for building Emotional Intelligence.
2. Apply communication skills in order to develop relationships effectively at work and at home.
3. Choose perceptions and behaviors that will lead to positive outcomes.
4. Explain how emotions facilitate thought and behavior.

Content outline

  1. Defining Emotions
  2. Influences on Emotions
    1. Social
    2. Perceptual
    3. Physiological
  3. Communicating Emotions
    1. Identify
    2. Determine time and place
    3. Ownership
    4. Self-monitor
    5. Respond to others
  4. Obstacles to Communicating Emotions
    1. Social
    2. Professional
    3. Vulnerability
  5. Poor Communication of Emotions
    1. Too General
    2. Un-owned emotions; victim perspective
    3. Pseudo-emotional language

Required materials

Textbooks, pencils/pen, paper.

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