COMM 252 : Team Skills

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Team Skills



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Course Description

Provides an overview of the systems nature of small groups with a focus on decision-making, leadership and the communication climate of team settings.

Course learning outcomes

1. Describe several individual accountability measures in team assignments.
2. Identify techniques by which team members can improve communication within the team.
3. Describe standards of evaluation the teamwork for themselves and their peers.
4. Enumerate several individual accountability measures in team assignments.
5. Discuss major approaches to making team decisions.

Content outline

  1. Team Definitions
    1. Groups Contrasted
    2. Examples: Model and Dysfunctional
  2. Team Elements
    1. Membership
    2. Leadership
    3. Goal Setting
  3. Team Processes
    1. Decision Making Options
      1. Muddling Through (Philipsen)
      2. Majority Rule (Tradition—Britain)
      3. Standard Agenda (Dewey)
      4. Consensus (Hirokawa)
    2. Transparency
    3. Team-talk
    4. Task and Maintenance Roles
    5. Self and Peer Assessment

Required materials

Traditional course materials: Pens, paper, textbook.

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