COMM 253 : Conflict Management

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Conflict Management



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Course Description

Explores the concepts of conflict and various techniques used for successful conflict management.

Course learning outcomes

1. Describe the major styles of managing conflict.
2. Discuss basic techniques of anger management.
3. Demonstrate a variety of negotiation strategies.

Content outline

1. Definition of Conflict 2. Styles of Conflict a. Avoiding b. Accommodating c. Compromising d. Forcing e. Collaborating 3. Negotiating Conflict a. Hard vs. Soft Bargaining b. Task vs. Maintenance of Relationship c. Principled Negotiation i. People ii. Interests iii. Options iv. Criteria 4. Anger Management a. Techniques for Self-Control b. Techniques for defusing situation

Required materials

Traditional course materials: Text, paper, pens.

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