COMM 270 : Communicating Love

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Communicating Love



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Course Description

Provides an overview of the bio-psychological roots of romantic/erotic love, a critique of media images of love and offers practical training in communication skills that maintain and enhance long-term love relationships.

Course learning outcomes

1. Describe the biological and cultural phenomena of romantic love.
2. Identify the sources of one's own beliefs about and experiences with romantic love.
3. Recognize and describe the influence of personal history on affectional choices.
4. Perform empathic listening behaviors.
5. Request behavioral change from one’s romantic partner in a proactive, positive manner.
6. Explain attitudes and communication behaviors that are detrimental to long-term love and identify positive alternatives to those choices.

Content outline

  1. Love--Definitions
    1. Bio-Psycho-Socio
    2. Gender Definitions
    3. Health--STDS/Pregnancy
  2.  Dimensions of Love
    1. Passion
    2. Commitment
    3. Intimacy
  3.  Motivations of Love
    1. Pragma
    2. Mania
    3. Agape
  4. Styles of Love
    1. Eros
    2. Storge
    3. Ludus
  5. Stages of Love
    1. Individuality
    2. Invitational Comm
    3. Explorational Comm
    4. Intensifying Comm
    5. Revising Comm
    6. Commitment

Required materials

Traditional materials: Textbooks, pens, paper, poster board.

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