CUL 101 : Introduction to Culinary Arts

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Introduction to Culinary Arts



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Experience the basic theory and skill sets used throughout the field of culinary arts. Topics covered include the use of hand tools and equipment found in the professional kitchen, as well as the exploration of ingredients and their functions. Students will gain a working knowledge of the fundamentals of kitchen operations, basic knife skills; an overview of stock, sauce and soup preparation; and coverage of the primary dry heat, moist heat and combination heat cooking methods. Students will also taste and evaluate products they create in class to enhance their understanding of the course material.

Course learning outcomes

1. Describe and apply the principles of food safety and sanitation practices.
2. Identify and select ingredients for use in a variety of products.
3. Apply standards of professionalism to the culinary arts industry.
4. Describe and use the equipment typical to the food preparation process within a professional kitchen.
5. Demonstrate safe knife sharpening and handling techniques and execute classical cuts.
6. Demonstrate appropriate knowledge and applied practices for controlling food time/temperature abuse, proper food handling procedures and personal hygiene practices.
7. Demonstrate knowledge and applied skill relating to the step-by-step process for the primary cooking techniques (dry heat, moist heat, and combination heat).
8. Describe and demonstrate proper step-by-step process for preparing white and brown stocks, classical sauces and primary soup categories.
9. Discuss the elements of taste and flavor development as it relates with the cooking process.
10. Describe and apply the basic cooking principles, ratio and technique.

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