CUL 104 : Applied Math for Culinary Arts

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Applied Math for Culinary Arts



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MTH 015 (or higher) or minimum placement Math Level 7.


Learn culinary mathematics including customary and metric units of measurement, decimals and fractions, unit conversions, yield percent, food and beverage costing and markup methods, kitchen ratios, baker’s percent and butcher’s yield percent.

Learning outcomes

1. Compute conversions of units of measure between the Customary and Metric systems.
2. Compute conversions of units of measure between volume, weight and count.
3. Calculate percentages and ratios.
4. Scale and covert recipes.
5. Calculate food and beverage costing and analysis.

Content outline

• Customary units of measure
• Metric measures
• Conversion of units of measure within volume or weight
• Conversion between weight and volume
• Yield percent
• Applying yield percent
• Finding costs
• Edible portion cost
• Recipe costing
• Beverage costing
• Recipe conversion
• Kitchen ratios
• Baker's percent
• Butcher's percent

Required materials

Required textbook.

Grading methods

Grades will be determined by weekly homework, midterm exam, and final exam; may include discussion, short essays, and in-class presentation.

General education/Related instruction lists

  • Computation

Outside of

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