CUL 110 : Culinary Foundations I

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Culinary Foundations I



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Prerequisites with concurrency

CUL 102; CUL 104; and either WR 121 or BA 214.

Course Description

Learn the history of the culinary industry, nomenclature, equipment, kitchen operations, basic knife skills, cooking methods, and ratios and techniques in contrast to recipe usage. Learn about and produce stocks and soups.

Course learning outcomes

1. Describe the history and culinary nomenclature for the restaurant industry.
2. Demonstrate professionalism standards relating to appearance and conduct.
3. Identify and discuss proper use of food service equipment.
4. Demonstrate knowledge and applied skill relating to the step-by-step process for the primary cooking techniques.
5. Describe the function of ratios versus recipes.
6. Describe the function of mise en place in a professional kitchen.
7. Demonstrate safe knife sharpening and handling techniques and execute classical knife cuts.
8. Describe and demonstrate proper step-by-step processes for preparing white and brown stocks.
9. Describe and demonstrate proper step-by-step processes for preparing soups.
10. Discuss the elements of taste and flavor development as it relates to the cooking process.

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