CUL 203 : Food Truck Operations

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Food Truck Operations



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CUL 170 or instructor approval.


Learn and apply the fundamentals of owning and operating a food truck or cart. Utilize the tools needed to formulate a food truck concept and turn it into a standardized plan. Focus on menu planning, truck/cart design and location, federal/state/local regulations, and licenses and permits. Design, cost and create a budget for a mobile food unit, while developing the necessary skills for succeeding in the food-service segment of mobile food truck/cart ownership. This course requires local travel.

Learning outcomes

1. Demonstrate basic food truck operations.
2. Describe the duties and responsibilities of a food truck operator.
3. Demonstrate preparedness for serving the public within the confines of a food truck/cart.
4. Apply safety and sanitation practices for food trucks/carts.
5. Learn and apply mobile food operation marketing principles, website management, social media channels, and location advertising.

Content outline

• Food service equipment
• Food truck licensing
• Food truck permits
• Food truck design
• Menu development
• Truck maintenance
• Truck ownership
• Marketing
• Advertising
• Service locations

Required materials

Requires uniform and culinary arts tool kit available at the COCC Bookstore.

Grading methods

Grades will be determined by daily competency based applied learning activities, midterm, and final exams.

Outside of

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