CUL 220 : International Cuisine and Global Flavor Profiling

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International Cuisine



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CUL 140.

Course Description

Trace common global ingredients used in many regional dishes. Explore other cultures through the understanding of global culinary heritages. Examine food in the context of culture, geography, history and the influences cuisines have had on each other. Learn how the attitudes and tastes of more global and knowledgeable customers creates the expectation of diversity in a professional culinarian's repertoire.

Course learning outcomes

1. Prepare a variety of foods from the countries of the world.
2. Identify differences and similarities in the cuisines of neighboring countries.
3. Explain how the topography and climate influence the cuisine of each country.
4. Identify cooking methods commonly used in the countries of study.
5. Describe the history of the countries of study and how this may have impacted the development of the cooking style and ingredients used.
6. Explain how different cultures’ ingredients and techniques have impacted modern food flavor profiling and techniques practices.

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