CUL 235S : Farm-to-Table and Sustainable Cuisine Practices

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Farm-to-Table Cuisine



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CUL 200.

Course Description

Serves as an overview of sustainable harvesting techniques for plants and animals and the application of preservation techniques. Students will learn about the importance of sourcing seasonal foods as it relates to pricing, flavor and quality. Students will conduct harvesting techniques of plant based foods, and participate in the slaughtering process of animal based foods. Students will process the harvested items and conduct a diversity of preservation techniques to include canning, smoking, pickling, freezing, freeze-drying, dehydrating, etc. Students will execute a final harvest event for regional farmers and ranchers to celebrate the partnership with Cascade Culinary Institute and local sustainable agricultural partners.

Course learning outcomes

1. Identify and demonstrate proper agriculturally-based practices and terminology.
2. Recognize and demonstrate farming techniques and practices.
3. Identify and define the fundamentals of sustainability.
4. Identify different local crops through appearance, smell, and taste.
5. Explain the value of locally grown food in a food service establishment.

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