CUL 242 : Charcuterie

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CUL 240.

Course Description

Learn professional skills in variations of hors d’oeuvres and savories, seasonings, condiments, stuffed meats and curing, pickling and smoking of meat, fish and poultry. Develop proficiency in sausage-making, pâtés, terrines, galantines, and stuffed meats. Prepare a variety of charcuterie products from fresh sausage to dry cured salamis.

Course learning outcomes

1. Demonstrate advanced sausage production techniques.
2. Explain the importance of charcuterie products and related condiments on a modern menu.
3. Prepare wet and dry cures.
4. Demonstrate proper sanitation practices relating specifically to charcuterie.
5. Demonstrate hot and cold smoking techniques.
6. Prepare confits, terrines and forcemeats.

Content outline

• Wet Curing • Dry Curing • Safety and Sanitation • Cold Smoking • Hot Smoking • Confit (preserved in fat) • Pellicle (dry surface of smoked proteins) • Buchery • Grind Method • Sausage Binders • Smoked Proteins • Dry Cured Meats • Fresh Sausage • Smoked Sausage • Sausage Stuffing • Seasoning • Emulsified Sausage • Understanding Salt • Forcemeats • Corning • Terrines • Gratin Forcemeats • Straight Forcemeats • Mousseline Forcemeats • Forcemeat Emulsion • Byproduct Utilization • Charcuterie on Modern Menus • Complimentary Condiments

Required materials

Requires textbook and culinary arts tool kit available at the COCC Bookstore.

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