CUL 245S : Modernist Cuisine and the Evolution of Cooking

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Modernist Cuisine



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CUL 170.

Course Description

Learn about and apply techniques of spherification, thermal immersion, liquid nitrogen for flash freezing, hydrocolloids for thickening and gelling in the kitchen to a variety of foods. Review food pairing methods with the goal of inspiring new food combinations which are theoretically sound on a basis of their flavor.

Course learning outcomes

1. Explain the origins of molecular cuisine and the founding practitioners.
2. Explain and demonstrate the similarities of cuisine of the present day leading proponents.
3. Demonstrate the techniques of spherification, and thermal inversion.
4. Describe the presentation value and taste perception of using tapioca maltodextrin.
5. Demonstrate the use of hydrocolloids on non-traditional foods.
6. Review the text Modernist Cuisine and discuss applications that have appeal.
7. Demonstrate how modern applications can benefit different food service establishments and their menus.

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