CUL 265S : Advanced Skill Development and Culinary Competition Mastery

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Adv Skill Devel Competition



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CUL 170.


Competitions play a vital role in culinary arts as they continually raise the standards of culinary excellence. There is no better way for culinarians to hone their craft than by putting their skills and knowledge to the test in a competitive format. Continually raises the standards of culinary excellence and professionalism. Nurtures the creativity of individual chefs. Provides a showcase for individual skills, techniques and styles.

Learning outcomes

1. Demonstrate a variety of knife cuts with speed and accuracy
2. Evaluate various meat, poultry and seafood products for quality and apply fabrication skills that ensure maximized yield
3. Demonstrate professionalism standards relating to appearance and conduct
4. Demonstrate appropriate knowledge and applied practices for controlling food time/temperature abuse, proper food handling procedures and personal hygiene practices
5. Demonstrate knowledge and applied skill relating to the step-by-step process for the primary cooking techniques
6. Demonstrate consistent knowledge and usage of ratios
7. Demonstrate the function of mise en place in a professional kitchen
8. Demonstrate safe knife sharpening and handling techniques and execute classical cuts
9. Describe and display the elements of taste and flavor development as it relates with the cooking process
10. Work as a team to develop timelines, travel plan, menu/recipe development, ACF packet submission
11. Exercise creativity in menu design and application of modern presentation and technique skills

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