CUL 270 : Culinary Arts Capstone

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Culinary Arts Capstone



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CUL 170 or BAK 170 and CUL 200 or BAK 265.

Course Description

Operate a fine dining, a la carte restaurant and demonstrate back of the house skills (food safety and sanitation, knife cuts, dry heat cooking methods, moist heat cooking methods, combination cooking methods, vegetable cookery, starch cookery, sauce cookery, and final plate presentation). Covers guest interaction and dining room service.

Course learning outcomes

1. Demonstrate professionalism, organization, safety, and sanitation in kitchen and dining room service in an active restaurant.
2. Perform the proper preparation and service of a fine dining meal.
3. Demonstrate and critique various cooking methods.
4. Design final plate presentation for dining room service in an active restaurant.

Content outline

  1. Kitchen equipment
  2. Restaurant staff relations
  3. Restaurant point of sale systems
  4. Menu design considerations
  5. Safety
  6. Sanitation
  7. Organization
  8. Recipe costing
  9. Purchasing
  10. Receiving
  11. Labor needs
  12. Inventory

Required materials

Requires uniform and culinary arts tool kit available at the COCC bookstore.

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