DA 110 : Basic Dental Assisting

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Basic Dental Assisting



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DA 115, DA 125, DA 134, DA 145.

Course Description

General overview of the Dental Assisting profession through lecture, discussions, demonstrations, laboratory activities and on-site clinic visitation. Includes examining dentistry as a profession, charting and data collection, taking and recording vital signs, four-handed dentistry and equipment use and maintenance. Laboratory portion gives students initial skills for the clinical experience in the areas of instrument identification and transfer, oral-evacuation and use of the air-water syringe. Infection control protocols established by OSHA, the Oregon Board of Dentistry and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will be implemented. See DA 115 for Dental Assisting program prerequisites.

Course learning outcomes

1. Explain the legal and ethical features in providing dental care.
2. Demonstrate infection control procedures to protect patients and dental workers from bloodborne pathogens.
3. Show how to safely provide assisting skills during all aspects of dental healthcare.
4. Prepare thorough chart notes for patient dental treatment to reduce risk of litigation.
5. Explain the methods of maintaining patient autonomy including informed consent and HIPAA regulations.

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