DA 115 : Dental Science

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Dental Science



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AH 105 (or course from the foundational studies math list); BA 214 or WR 121Z; HHP 252; Choose one of the following Psychology Courses: PSY 101, PSY 201, PSY 215 or PSY 216; Choose one from the following HR courses: AH 115 or BA 178 or COMM 115 or COMM 218Z or COMM 219.


DA 110, DA 125, DA 134, DA 145.

Course Description

Explores the following areas of study: basic anatomy and physiology, head and neck anatomy, dental embryology, oral histology, anatomy of the face and oral cavity and tooth morphology.

Course learning outcomes

1. Apply dental nomenclature accurately both orally and in writing.
2. Interpret the differences between primary, mixed and adult dentition.
3. Explain the development, form and function of selected structures of the oral cavity.
4. Identify and illustrate key anatomical components of the head and neck.
5. Identify basic elements of body systems and functions most relevant to the dental field

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