DA 125 : Dental Infection Control

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Dental Infection Control



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DA 110, DA 115, DA 134, DA 145.

Course Description

Covers the principles of infection control related to the dental office, including an introduction to microbiology, along with cross-contamination and hazard control. The course covers OSHA Standards of Hazard Communication and Blood-borne Pathogens. Aseptic techniques and infection control procedures will be applied in the laboratory setting and assessed through competencies. The management of Safety Data Sheets and labeling of hazardous material will be addressed. See DA 115 for Dental Assisting program prerequisites.

Course learning outcomes

1. Discuss the principles and importance of infection control in the dental setting.
2. Demonstrate the application of aseptic protocols and disinfection procedures in the dental operatory.
3. Show sterilization procedures for dental instruments and armamentarium.
4. Summarize OSHA requirements including the Bloodborne Pathogen Standard and OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard.
5. Describe SDS, the rational for their use, and the required methods for maintaining them.
6. Explain the modes of transmission of pathogenic microorganisms in the environment as well as in the dental office.

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