DA 130 : Dental Materials I

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Dental Materials I



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DA 120, DA 135, DA 151, DA 181, DA 190.

Course Description

Examines the properties of amalgam and composite materials. Provides skills in chairside assisting during the placement of Tofflemire matrices, amalgam restorations, and composite restorations on a dexter. Offers lecture and laboratory experiences manipulating materials such as, alginate impression materials to take impressions, and gypsum products to pour casts. Includes the fabrication of custom methylmethacrylate impression trays, light cured trays, and vacuum formed bleach trays. Covers pouring models, trimming for diagnostic casts, and taking bite registrations. See DA 120 for second term Dental Assisting program prerequisites.

Course learning outcomes

1. Place Tofflemire matrix retainers for composite and amalgam restorative procedures.
2. Demonstrate the ability to assist in the placement of amalgam and composite procedures on a dexter mannequin.
3. Take occlusal bite registrations.
4. Show competence in taking alginate impressions on peers.
5. Exhibit proper pouring and trimming techniques for diagnostic casts.

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