DA 134 : Dental Radiology I

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Dental Radiology I



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Standard letter grades

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DA 110, DA 115, DA 125, DA 145.

Course Description

Explores the basic principles of radiography, the history of radiation and an introduction to the physics of radiation. Also covers the biological effects of radiation for both the safety and comfort of the patient and the operator. Introduces the radiographic unit and dental x-ray film. See DA 115 for Dental Assisting program prerequisites.

Course learning outcomes

1. Describe the history of radiation and identify the important pioneers.
2. Explain the importance of and the uses of dental radiographs.
3. Recognize the fundamental concepts of radiation physics.
4. Illustrate the components of the x-ray machine and explain how x-rays are produced.
5. Explain the radiation characteristics of x-ray beam quality, x-ray beam quantity and x-ray beam intensity.
6. Summarize radiation injury, radiation effects, radiation measurements and radiation risks.
7. Outline the guidelines for patient and operator protection.
8. Identify and differentiate between a variety of dental film-holders and devices.
9. Identify and classify the various types and the composition of dental x-ray film.
10. Demonstrate film placement for a full mouth series of films.
11. Demonstrate the exposure sequence for a full mouth series of film.

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