DA 151 : Dental Computing

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Dental Computing



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DA 120, DA 130, DA 135, DA 181, DA 190.

Course Description

Computers are an integral part of today's dental offices. They have become the method of choice for managing patient dental records, appointment scheduling, charting, processing insurance claims and establishing financial arrangements. Computer systems allow for the generation of reports, patient statements, professional and patient correspondence, treatment plans, and fees for service. This course is designed to give students the training necessary to successfully complete these front-office tasks. See DA 120 for second term Dental Assisting program prerequisites.

Course learning outcomes

1. Generate patient financial statements.
2. Distinguish completed procedures from needed procedures while charting.
3. Determine necessary patient information and enter it into the computing program.
4. Create and manage patient ledgers, including credits and payments.
5. Design patient appointment scheduling to increase patient acceptance.
6. Produce periodontal charts for patients.

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