DA 160 : Oral Medicine

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Oral Medicine



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DA 131, DA 150, DA 182, DA 191.

Course Description

Part one is an introduction to the study of Oral Pathology and Dental Pharmacology. Part two focuses on the role of the dental assistant when caring for compromised patients and in dealing with dental/medical emergencies in the dental office. See DA 131 for third term Dental Assisting program prerequisites.

Course learning outcomes

1. Recognize and describe a variety of disorders and conditions affecting the oral cavity, including the sources of information necessary for the dentist to make a diagnosis.
2. Demonstrate an understanding of basic pharmacology as it relates to the Dental Assistant.
3. Identify the role of the dental assistant when caring for a medically compromised patient, including the recognition of the disorder and the protocol for patient management.
4. Demonstrate the preparation, treatment and procedures involved when dealing with an emergency in the dental office.

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