DSGN 197PD : Portfolio Development: Product Design

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Portfolio Development: PD



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DSGN 101; DSGN 130; DSGN 140 and DSGN 150.

Course Description

Develop a product design portfolio. Create a resume, website, and branded materials. Learn how to search for job opportunities, apply for grants and scholarships, and interview for jobs. Review career pathways, as well as art school and university requirements. Developed body of design work suggested for the course. Repeatable for credit.

Course learning outcomes

1. Develop a professional product design portfolio.
2. Create compelling resume, website, and branded materials.
3. Demonstrate design-related job skills, like researching job opportunities, applying for grants and scholarships, and interviewing for jobs.
4. Review pathways and requirements for advancing a design-related career.
5. Use media-specific terminology when receiving and providing feedback.

Content outline

  1. Professional product design portfolio development
  2. Resume, website, and branded material design
  3. Job opportunities and interviews
  4. Grant and scholarship applications
  5. Constructive critique: receiving and giving feedback between instructor and classmates

Required materials

Students will need to provide specific materials used in this course; please see the syllabus for a detailed list.

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