DSGN 230 : Product Design Studio I

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Product Design Studio I



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DSGN 140.

Course Description

Provides an immersive learning experience that emphasizes digital design with advanced tools for manufacturing and creative exploration and that is structured around core concepts such as design thinking, sustainable and inclusive design practices, and the understanding of current manufacturing technologies. Covers the multifaceted factors that drive product design, from initial idea generation to conceptual realization and encourages the fusion of creativity with practical design skills. Repeatable for credit.

Course learning outcomes

1. Describe the role and impact of sustainable product design in contemporary society and its historical context.
2. Examine how modern manufacturing technologies and a variety of materials influence product development.
3. Analyze product successes and failures, considering universal accessibility, inclusivity, and market dynamics.
4. Employ design thinking and studio methodologies to conceptualize, develop, and refine innovative product ideas.

Content outline

  1. Foundations of Product Design: Explore the fundamental aspects and responsibilities inherent in the product design profession.
  2. Historical and Contemporary Design Trends: Study the evolution of design aesthetics from historical and modern perspectives.
  3. Sustainable Design Practices: Delve into sustainable design principles and their practical application in product development.
  4. Materials, Techniques, and Technologies: Investigate various materials, production techniques, and current manufacturing technologies used in product design.
  5. In-depth Design Case Studies: Analyze case studies focusing on both successful and challenging product designs, emphasizing inclusive and innovative design strategies.
  6. Design Thinking Processes: Develop a robust understanding of design thinking methodologies.
  7. Design Projects: Engage in extensive, concept-focused design projects, covering the entire design process from concept to digital prototype.

Required materials

Students will need to provide specific materials used in this course; please see the syllabus for a detailed list.

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