EC 202 : Macroeconomics

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or to be taken with WR 121 and MTH 065.


Macroeconomics is the study of how economic health is measured and the fiscal and monetary policies used by government to maintain it. This class examines money, banking and the story of the Federal Reserve; how the government uses taxes and spending to achieve economic growth and stability; and the role of international monetary policies including trade deficits, surpluses and exchange rates. The course uncovers the theory of business cycles and teaches students how to model economic growth and the effects of inflation.

Learning outcomes

1. Formulate independent and well-considered conclusions about macroeconomic issues and policies.
2. Demonstrate an understanding of the methods and principles of macroeconomic theory.
3. Analyze rational decisions made by governments and economies and choice theory using cost benefit analysis.
4. Identify, define, and apply macroeconomic terminology to real world applications.

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