ED 101 : Introduction to Education Practicum and Seminar

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Intro to ED Practicum/Seminar



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Recommended preparation

WR 121.

Course Description

Provides 60 hours of K-12 classroom experience to help students decide early whether teaching is a good fit. Provides weekly reflection and discussion in seminar related to the course content and field placement observations. Requires a criminal history check for placement in a K-12 classroom.

Course learning outcomes

1. Reflect on the practicum experience for purposes of career confirmation and identify next steps in personal education plan.
2. Describe a classroom environment that is safe, inclusive, and equitable for all learners.
3. Identify bias and diversity issues in the teaching environment.
4. Describe effective teaching practices for student engagement and success.
5. Apply and practice professional, ethical/legal knowledge and behavior.

Content outline

I. Characteristics of effective schools II. Elements of a positive classroom community III. Qualities of high quality educators IV. Oregon standards for teaching and learning V. Developmentally Appropriate Practices VI. Culturally Responsive Teaching Practices VII. Effective Teaching Strategies Curriculum Planning VIII. Professionalism Ethics for Educators

Required materials

Textbook or OER resources.

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