ED 103 : Outdoor Teacher Training

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Outdoor Teacher Training



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Course Description

Offers experience in an outdoor learning environment. Includes training to lead a cabin group of students through a three to five day camp session. Covers leading outdoor education sessions, campfire programming, and team-building activities. Requires a criminal history check, recording observations, and completing reflection assignments.

Course learning outcomes

1. Identify effective teaching strategies through observations, active learning, and evaluations by mentor teachers.
2. Analyze effective strategies for creating a positive learning community that is inclusive, respectful, and engaging for all students.
3. Consider education as a potential career field through personal reflection.

Content outline

  1. Submit outdoor counselor application to Camp Tamarack and course application/registration to COCC
  2. Complete online course preparation through Blackboard: Intro to the Camp Experience
  3. Outdoor teacher training through hands-on experience at Camp Tamarack
  4. Active learning experience as camp counselor for three to five day experience at Camp Tamarack
  5. V. Complete course reflection assignments after reviewing course content
  6. VI. Submit mentor evaluations from camp

Required materials

All materials are provided in Blackboard and through Camp Tamarack.

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