ED 140 : Introduction to Early Childhood Education

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Introduction to ECE



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Course Description

Beginning course in early childhood education which focuses on the teacher as a professional (advocacy, ethical practices, work-force issues, associations); provides strategies to manage an effective program operation; how to plan a safe, healthy learning environment; and gives an overview of the philosophy and history of ECE. Three hours of supervised weekly field placement required.

Course learning outcomes

1. Explore the history of ECE and how historical events and patterns have shaped ECE today.
2. Understand the primary theories of early childhood development and education that inform ECE today.
3. Understand career opportunities available to those with a degree in ECE.
4. Begin to understand diversity and how diversity impacts ECE.
5. Explore the interrelatedness of homes, schools, and communities, including available resources, methods of support, and models of effective collaboration programs.

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