ED 150 : Environments & Curriculum in Early Childhood Education

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Enviro Curric in ECE



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ED 140.

Course Description

Utilizes knowledge in child development to design, implement and evaluate activities in the major domains of development for children ages birth to 8 years. Three hours of supervised weekly field placement required.

Course learning outcomes

1. Understand elements within the environment that enhance or hinder child development and successful implementation of developmentally appropriate activities.
2. Understand the different elements used when designing a developmentally appropriate activity, including domains of development, family influences, curriculum guidelines, environment, and community influences.
3. Demonstrate how to develop a developmentally appropriate and child directed activity within an ECE environment.
4. Understand how integrated ECE programs attempt to meet the needs of all children within the classroom and learning environments.
5. Understand safety and health issues within classrooms and learning environments that can impact learning and activities.

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