ED 151 : Observation & Guidance in Early Childhood Education Learning

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Observ Guidance in ECE Learn



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ED 140.

Course Description

Introduces observation techniques and tools to accurately collect data on children and how to use assessments to make appropriate decisions about the child's needs regarding programming and the early childhood education environment. Three hours of supervised weekly field placement required.

Course learning outcomes

1. Demonstrate beginning ability to use observation as a tool in assessing children’s development and learning.
2. Develop an understanding about the role of documentation to support children/s learning and development.
3. Demonstrate beginning ability to use data to summarize child’s strengths and challenges, and to make recommendations for activities and environment that will enhance a child’s development.
4. Demonstrate ability to make environmental changes that positively impact a child’s developmental skills.
5. Demonstrate ability to use one screening tool used with children birth to eight years of age.

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