ED 174 : Math, Science, and Technology in Early Childhood Education

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Math, Science, Technology-ECE



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Recommended preparation

ED 140.

Course Description

Introduces program and curricular activities that enhance a child's development of math, science, and technology understanding and skills. Processes explored are constructivist in nature, with a focus on interdisciplinary approaches. Three hours of supervised weekly field placement required.

Course learning outcomes

1. Develop a philosophy on math, science, and technology development in ECE.
2. Recognize environments that enhance math, science, and technology development in ECE.
3. Demonstrate effective lesson planning to teach children in an ECE setting topics related to math, science, and technology development.
4. Demonstrate ability to select other activities designed to teach math, science, and technology in ECE settings.
5. Reflect on learning and application of learning throughout this course.
6. Demonstrate ability to integrate new knowledge through application of knowledge gained through reading assignments and class discussions.

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