ED 196 : Communication and Collaboration in Early Childhood Education

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Comm and Collab in ECE



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Recommended preparation

ED 140.

Course Description

Introduces students to the communication concepts, skills, and strategies that will support their relationships and work with young children, families, and colleagues in the early learning environment. Focuses on the context of communication that commonly occurs in early learning environments. Prepares students to be professional and informed advocates for young children, while fostering communication skills that will lead to building connections between early learning settings, schools, and community organizations and agencies.

Course learning outcomes

1. Identify and apply professional communication skills that effectively support their relationships and work with young children, families, and colleagues.
2. Apply communication skills in order to create respectful, responsive, reciprocal relationships with families and to engage with them as partners in their young children’s development and learning
3. Employ a variety of communication methods and engagement skills when collaborating with families, including informal conversations, more formal conversations in teacher–family conference settings, and reciprocal technology-mediated communications, such as phone calls, texting, or emails.

Content outline

  1. Introducing ourselves as professionals
  2. Navigating formal vs. informal communication
  3. Email vs. verbal communication
  4. Elevating the profession of early learning through meaningful communication
  5. Creating and Sustaining Partnerships with Families
  6. Communicating with families
  7. Communicating with community partners
  8. Communicating with colleagues
  9. Communicating with compassion and professional boundaries
  10. Protecting the privacy of families in our communication

Required materials

Textbook required. 

Outside of

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