ED 216 : Purpose, Structure and Function of Education in a Democracy

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Purpose/Structure of Education



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WR 121.


Analyzes the system of education in a democratic society. This course introduces the historical, social, philosophical, political, legal and economic foundations of education to provide a framework from which to analyze contemporary educational issues.

Learning outcomes

1. Critically analyze multiple points of view in current educational issues (Oregon Education Pathways Outcome #3)
2. Demonstrate familiarity with some of the key thinkers in educational theory (Oregon Education Pathways Outcome #4)
3. Identify own philosophical and cultural frames of reference and the ways in which these influence the outcomes of teaching, learning, and schooling (Oregon Education Pathways Outcome #4)
4. Review models for school structure and reform (Oregon Education Pathways Outcome #7)
5. Evaluate strategies for providing classroom and social climates conducive to learning (Oregon Education Pathways Outcome #7)
6. Examine ideas to involve families and communities in children’s learning.

General education/Related instruction lists

  • Discipline Studies/Social Science
  • Discipline Studies/Cultural Literacy

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