ED 219 : Multicultural Issues in Education Settings

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Multicultural Issues in Educ



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WR 121Z.

Course Description

Examines the context of working with students, school, communities and workplaces. Explores the diversity of learners, learning cultures (urban, suburban, and rural) and the diversity among learners within those different cultures. Considers the influence of culture on one's learning.

Course learning outcomes

1. To develop an understanding among educators of the cultural diversity among students and the influence of culture on teaching and learning.
2. To foster personal reflection among students about the ways in which unconscious biases may affect their teaching practice.
3. To develop skills in teaching in a multicultural educational setting and in interacting effectively and appropriately with students and their families.
4. To evaluate the critical components of multicultural and anti-biased education and curriculum reform.
5. To integrate multicultural perspectives and topics into teaching practices.

Content outline

  1. Multicultural Approaches, Strategies, and Tools
  2. Multicultural Education as Transformative Education
  3. Anti-Racist Orientations
  4. The Fight for Multicultural Education
  5. Language, Culture, and Power
  6. Identities and the Classroom
  7. Confronting Racism in the Classroom
  8. Lifelong Learning and Transformational Growth

General education/Related instruction lists

  • Human Relations
  • Social Science
  • Cultural Literacy

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