ED 235 : Teaching and Learning in a Digital Age

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Teaching Lrning Digital Age



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This course will explore the integration and application of technology into the early childhood and primary elementary years curricula. Students will investigate, discuss and apply the theories and practices of educational technology specifically within the context of early childhood education. Additionally, students will develop skills and knowledge that will enable them to use responsibly various technologies to create and assess technology-enriched learning environments that reflect developmentally appropriate practices while being engaging and safe.

Course learning outcomes

1.Critically analyze issues and concerns about technology in early childhood education in relation to primary theories in the field of early childhood education.
2.Describe developmentally appropriate practices for integrating technology into the early childhood classroom.
3.Implement strategies for discovering, selecting, and evaluating technologies for use in the classroom as well as continuing professional development in educational technologies.
4.Observe, document, and assess use of technology in the learning environment to ensure support of curricular outcomes and relevant standards.
5.Employ culturally responsive, developmentally accessible and inclusive technologies in the classroom.

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