ED 253 : Learning Across the Lifespan

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Learning Across the Lifespan



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WR 121Z.

Course Description

Explores how learning occurs at all ages from early childhood through adulthood, major and emerging learning theories, individual learning styles including one's own learning styles, self-reflection on implications of how learning occurs, and the impact of these issues on the development and delivery of instruction.

Course learning outcomes

1. Demonstrate knowledge of major theories of learning.
2. Relate theories of learning to individual learning strategies.
3. Relate learning theories to life and interests (providing for differences in gender, age, ability, socioeconomic background, culture, and ethnicity) as well as the needs, values, issues and interests of the school, organization and community in which they live and work.
4. Understand the impact of learning theories on creating effective learning opportunities, instructional methodologies, and assessment strategies.
5. Understand how the application of learning theories can help learners derive meaning from instruction and create a disposition for further inquiry and learning.

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