ED 269 : Overview of Special Education

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Overview of Special Ed



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Recommended preparation

ED 140.

Course Description

Acquaints students with the exceptional child and his/her family. Provides an overview of the referral process and resources available for exceptional children and their families. Explores typical and atypical development and common delays and disabilities in all domains of child development. Includes discussion about teaching methods and strategies that are adapted or modified to meet individual child needs. Requires three hours of supervised weekly field placement.

Course learning outcomes

1. Explain the historical and legal context of inclusion and special education.
2. Describe the characteristics of students eligible for services under specific disability categories in special education law.
3. Examine inclusive practices, accommodations, and modifications to support students with differing abilities.

Content outline

  1. Course introduction and overview of learning outcomes
  2. Child Development and Developmental Needs
  3. Developmentally Appropriate Practice, Inclusion, and Universal Design
  4. Developmental Supports and Interventions
  5. Addressing Challenging Behaviors and Learning from Observation
  6. Understanding Speech and Language Impairments
  7. Understanding Autism Spectrum
  8. Visual and Hearing Differences
  9. Physical Disabilities
  10. Intellectual Differences, ADHD, Nonneurotypical considerations
  11. Culturally responsive teaching practices related to Special ED.

Required materials

This course will require a textbook.

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