EMT 170 : Emergency Response Communication/Documentation

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EMS Communication/Documentatio



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Course Description

Covers principles of therapeutic communication, verbal, written, and electronic communications in the provision of EMS, documentation of elements of patient assessment, care and transport, communication systems, radio types, reports, codes and correct techniques.

Course learning outcomes

1. Students will demonstrate a fundamental understanding of interpersonal and small-group communication skills and be able to communicate effectively in a verbal and written format.
2. Students will be able to use standard tools to resolve conflict in a manner beneficial and acceptable to all parties.
3. Students will be able to accurately document an EMS scenario in a patient care report (PCR) as well as properly complete other commonly used written documents.
4. Students will have a basic understanding of two-way communications systems, the HEAR reporting system, radio operations, the role of the dispatch center in emergency services system.
5. Students will be able to interact with other emergency service providers using a two-way radio and face-to-face.
6. Students will demonstrate the ability to report to a receiving medical facility the condition and interventions used with a specific patient being transported.
7. Students will be able to list basic procedures for answering and responding to emergency calls.
8. Students will demonstrate proper two-way radio use and etiquette.

Content outline

• Introduction to EMT 170 • Privacy in healthcare communication • Therapeutic communication • Types of listening • Depth of listening • Emotional control • Interpersonal communication • Small group comm/conflict resolution • Critical thinking • EMS documentation • Patient care report • Other documentation • HEAR/Heathcare communication • Basic radio operations • Celebration of learning

Required materials

Required textbook, see syllabus for details.

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