EMT 171 : Emergency Response Patient Transport

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Emerg Response Pt Transport



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Covers ambulance operations, laws, maintenance, safety, emergency response driving, and route planning. Includes mandatory ten-hour field-driving course. Required prior to first class: valid Oregon driver’s license.

Learning outcomes

1. Identify different types of transport systems.
2. Define the elements that make a successful transport system and safe apparatus operator, including air brakes and other specialized vehicle systems.
3. Identify hazards within a given scenario and identify how to mitigate safety concerns.
4. Given an inspection checklist, preform a thorough inspection and correctly identify any symptoms of malfunction or items requiring repair.
5. Perform safe driving abiding by all laws and regulations.

Content outline

• Safety, duties and responsibilities
• Driving and emergency operations law and due diligence
• Safety on the road; scene safety; situational awareness
• Culture of safety; personal safety and wellness
• Driving Rodeo
• Emergency operations and unusual situation
• Patient loading and lifting
• Vehicle positioning, parking considerations, scene safety
• Defensive driving, final review

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