EMT 195 : Crisis Intervention for the Emergency Medical Provider

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Crisis Intervention for EMS



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Course Description

Covers intervention in behavioral crises caused by crises of sudden death, suicide, rape, murder, vehicle accidents, disease, trauma, and child abuse. Includes resources, supporting behavioral patterns, and handling emotional stress of the patient as well as coping with emotional conflict within one's self.

Course learning outcomes

1.Identify positive and negative approaches in order to provide safe and optimal care to patients perceived to be in crisis.
2. Identify personal coping strategies in order to avoid burnout.
3. Interact appropriately and professionally with individuals who have experienced or who are experiencing critical incidents.

Content outline

• Defining Crisis and Crises Intervention (Dealing with Chaos) • Verbal Judo • When Words Aren’t Enough • Special Patients, Special Approach (Children, Elderly, Diverse Cultures) • Special Patients, Special Approach (Mental Health Crisis, Attempted Suicides) • Special Patients, Special Approach (Rape, Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence) • Caring for the Caregivers • Critical Incident Debriefing • Conflict Resolution • Stress Management • Anger Management • Recognizing Burnout • Stress and the Emergency Family • Assisting Individuals in Crisis

Required materials

Materials will be provided for the student on Blackboard.

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