EMT 280CW : Paramedic Clinical Part II

Transcript title

Paramedic Clinical Part II



Grading mode

Standard letter grades

Total contact hours


Other hours



EMT 290 and EMT 280CF.


EMT 292.

Course Description

This is a competency-based clinical experience, which emphasizes patient assessment, formulation of presumptive diagnoses and treatment plans. The clinical experiences are performed at local hospitals. This is the second of three courses in the clinical setting for a paramedic student. Student must have been accepted into the second year paramedic program.

Course learning outcomes

1. Demonstrate the ability to expand on and deliver appropriate treatments of ACLS and new skills learned in the lab setting.
2. Prepare for incident response and EMS operations.
3. Demonstrate the ability to integrate pathophysiology principles and assessment findings for a variety of patient encounters.
4. Demonstrate paramedic skills (listed in assessment area) associated with established standards and procedures for a variety of patient encounters.
5. Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively with others.
6. Demonstrate professional behavior.
7. Meet state and national competency requirements for paramedic credentialing.

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