ENG 212 : Autobiography

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WR 121Z.

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Examines diverse modes of autobiographical writing as texts that represent the self in society and where writers construct and represent memories. Explores the ways in which writers construct and represent memory and the impact these narratives have on our understanding of the political and cultural context in which they are produced. Explores autobiography from various places and periods.

Course learning outcomes

1. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the features and genres of autobiography.
2. Students will analyze the roles which argument, rhetoric, fiction, photography, and available evidence play in the composing process of autobiography.
3. Students will raise questions about the truth, factuality, objectivity, and subjectivity of autobiography.
4. Students will analyze how an author’s own ideology, social class, religion, and/or sexuality shapes reality in an autobiography.
5. Students will analyze the significance of historical and cultural contexts in autobiography.
6. Students will apply a range of reading strategies to analyze and interpret a variety of literary texts within their historical and literary contexts.
7. Students will use informal and formal writing to analyze and interpret literary works integrating textual evidence following MLA guidelines.

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