ENG 221 : Introduction to Children's Literature

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Intro to Children's Literature



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WR 121.


Provides an overview of children's literature for toddlers through teens by examining the different genres of children's literature, including picture books, myths and folklore, poetry, nonfiction, historical fiction, and fantasy, as well as the criteria for evaluation of each genre. This course is recommended for education majors as well as parents (present and future) who are interested in children's literature and issues related to children's literature.

Learning outcomes

1. Build knowledge of major literary genres of children’s literature
a. Situate works within their context (period, influences, cultural and biographical influences, authorial intentions, and critical receptions).
b. Explain and illustrate how children’s works reflect and shape significant aspects of their contexts.
c. Define and explicate key elements of specific genres of children’s literature.
2. Develop literary evaluation skills of children’s literature
a. Apply close reading, contextual background information and literary concepts and approaches to the analysis and evaluation of works of children’s literature.
b. Formulate and apply persuasive criteria to the evaluation of works within specific genres of children’s literature, distinguishing between personal response and literary/critical judgment.
3. Exercise effective communication skills
a. Use effective oral and written communication to express literary interpretations and evaluations.
b. Use well-selected evidence from texts to support one’s literary interpretations, analyses, and evaluations.
4. Apply class concepts to theoretical classroom and/or life situations involving children’s literacy
a. Evaluate various learning activities designed to bring children and young adults together with books.
b. Demonstrate an ability to match children with appropriate reading and guide their choices, utilizing knowledge of reading levels and interests in our multi-cultural society.

General education/Related instruction lists

  • Discipline Studies/Arts and Letters
  • Discipline Studies/Cultural Literacy

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