ENG 250 : Introduction to Folklore and Mythology

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Intro to Folklore Mythology



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WR 121.


Study of the systematic ways to explain how and why so many of the world's great religions, past and present, share similar stories, heroes and ways of attempting to understand and explain the unknowable. Analyzes tales from, among other locales, India, China, Africa, and North and South America. Some of the key myths include those of the Aztecs and Mayans, Native North Americans, the Sumerians and the Gnostics. The first few weeks of the course will provide an introduction to folklore. It will then provide insight into the social, psychological and aesthetic nature of mythology and an introduction to the theoretical approaches to understanding mythology.

Learning outcomes

1. Examine some of the rich treasures of world mythologies.
2. Notice the commonalties while acknowledging the unique qualities of the works.
3. Consider some of the following: mythology as literature, the uses of mythology, archetypes in mythology, masculine/feminine figures in mythology, the relevance of mythology today, etc.
4. Use appropriate literary analysis to unlock other treasures contained within the texts.
5. Become familiar with some of the different methodologies used in analyzing mythology.
6. Become increasingly familiar with academic discourse and practice and improve academic writing.

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  • Arts and Letters
  • Cultural Literacy

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