ENG 256 : Folklore and US Popular Culture

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Folklore US Popular Culture



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WR 121Z.

Course Description

Explores the relationship between folklore and popular culture, with special emphasis on the analysis of legends, myths, icons, stereotypes, heroes, rituals, and celebrations.

Course learning outcomes

1. Speak and write clearly about the transition of the vampire from folklore to popular culture: assignments addressing this outcome: In-class discussion reports; movie reviews; mid-term; final exam
2. Identify and interpret the vampire stories of diverse cultures, employing relevant historical, economic, political, religious, and sociological perspectives: assignments addressing this outcome: in-class discussion reports, mid-term essay, term paper
3. Distinguish assumptions, values, and implications inherent in the vampire tales of various cultures and time periods and compare and contrast them in order to specify common human concerns and values: assignments addressing this outcome: In-class discussion reports, term paper, final exam
4. Apply critical techniques common to literature and cinema and use them in written analyses: assignments addressing this outcome: mid-term essay, movie reviews, term paper, final exam
5. Use specialized library and electronic resources to add breadth and depth to the student’s understanding of literature, cinema, and folktales: assignments addressing this outcome: summary, in-class discussion reports, mid-term essay, and term paper.

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  • Arts and Letters

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