ENGR 211 : Statics

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MTH 251 and PH 211.

Course Description

Analyzes forces induced in structures and machines by various types of loading.

Course learning outcomes

1. Present all work in a professional manner - communication skills are essential.
2. Draw a free body diagram of an object.
3. Calculate resultant vectors from a system of forces and moments.
4. Write and solve equations of equilibrium for statically determinate objects.
5. Apply statics concepts to trusses, frames and machines.
6. Compute internal forces - draw shear and moment diagrams for a beam.
7. Solve common engineering problems using established evaluation techniques, methods and processes.

Content outline

  • Introduction to engineering and mechanics
  • Newtonian gravitation
  • Scalars and vectors
  • Components in two dimensions
  • Components in three dimensions
  • Dot products
  • Cross products
  • Forces
  • Equilibrium
  • Free-body diagrams
  • Two and three dimensional force systems
  • Two dimensional description of the moment
  • The moment vector
  • Moment of a force about a line
  • Couples
  • Objects in equilibrium - two and three dimensional applications
  • Two and three force members
  • Statically indeterminate objects
  • Trusses - method of joints
  • Method of sections
  • Frames and machines
  • Distributed loads
  • Axial force
  • Shear force
  • Bending moment
  • Relations between distributed load
  • Pressure and center of pressure

Required materials

The course will require a statics textbook.

Outside of

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