ES 201 : Inventing Ethnic America

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Inventing Ethnic America



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An examination of past and present constructions of race and ethnicity in U.S. culture and society and their impact on individuals, institutions, policies, and practices, with particular emphasis on contemporary America.

Course learning outcomes

1. Find and explain the connections between class content and current issues.
2. Describe the diverse perspectives and experiences of multiple different groups within the United States, with their voices at the forefront of the curriculum.
3. Evaluate legislation and policies' short- and long-term impacts on diverse groups within the United States.
4. Explain how the concepts of race and ethnicity take shape in the specific historical and social contexts of the United States.

Content outline

  1. Introduction to ES 201
  2. Early Immigration 1800-1900
  3. Abolitionist Movement and Underground Railroad
  4. Civil War, Emancipation Proclamation and Reconstruction (1865-1877)
  5. Who Really Built the Transcontinental Railroad? (1889)
  6. Queen Liliʻuokalani and the Kingdom of Hawaii (1890)
  7. How the West Was Lost
  8. Angel Island (1910-1940)
  9. Tulsa Race Massacre (1921)
  10. Osage Reign of Terror (1920-1935)
  11. Civil Rights Movement (1958-1967)
  12. Delano Grape Strike (1965)
  13. Sports: Jim Thorpe, Jackie Robinson, and Tiger Woods
  14. Current Issues

Required materials

This course will require a textbook.

General education/Related instruction lists

  • Social Science
  • Cultural Literacy

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